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$1000 Dollar Draw Night and Supper

Saturday, April 13 at Kyle Elks and Community Hall

Its that time of year again! Our annual fundraiser $1000 Draw Night! Your chance to win cold, hard cash! We are very excited to welcome Duelling Pianos this year for the entertainment! If you haven’t seen duelling pianos in the past, you do not want to miss this event! You do not need to purchase $100 ticket to attend the banquet and show! Tickets are only $25 bucks!!! You can’t beat that price for a wonderful supper and entertainment! All money raised goes to local facilities and groups! Please support this awesome cause!

Hope to see you there!

Zero Tolerence Policy

The Town of Kyle’s municipally owned or managed facilities, including but not limited to the sports centre, fitness centre, Wally park, sports ground, public works building, municipal administration office, library, museum, community hall, exist to provide residents with the opportunities to be engaged and participate in sport, recreation activities, cultural activities and to conduct business related to the municipality in a safe, positive, and respectful environment. By implementing this Policy, the Town of Kyle commits to providing facilities where children, youth and adults can enjoy sport, physical activity, cultural activity, and other community activities and business, and where values such as participation, teamwork, safety, fair play, integrity and respect are fostered.