Water Quality

The water quality in Kyle is second to none! Rated as one of the highest quality water supplies in the province is a real plus that the residents of Kyle and area enjoy.

The water treatment in Kyle is gravity fed; there is no need for pumps.


Environment and Climate

Kyle and area ecosystem supports a diverse range of flora and fauna. The area is noted as prime agricultural land. Wildlife thrives here due to the abundance of natural prairie grasses and an ample natural water supply. The natural prairie grasses or “prairie wool” is prized by ranchers as a feed source for livestock that is rich in nutrients. Being located right next door to the South Saskatchewan river is another added benefit that this area enjoys. The geographic lay of the land is well suited to agriculture. Soft, rolling hills make for ideal grain and cattle land. Farmers utilize a growing season from May to September; and the area is full of good quality, black soil. As well the land is rich with natural gas. This area enjoys milder winters than most parts of western Canada. Its easy to delight in our long, full summers; whether you’re vacationing or farming.

Check out the forecast in Kyle at: www. weath_eroffice.gc._ca